Value-based purchasing elevates state contracts for manufacturers

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On December 22, 2020, CMS issued a final rule entitled “Medicaid Program; Establishing Minimum Standards in Medicaid State Drug Utilization Review (DUR) and Supporting Value-Based Purchasing (VBP) for Drugs Covered in Medicaid, Revising Medicaid Drug Rebate and Third Party Liability (TPL) Requirements.”

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Cancer care delivery has arrived at yet another crossroads, and per usual, external forces are driving change. Divergence exists between providers who embrace home infusion of chemotherapy and those refuse to even consider at-home infusion as a treatment option.

Last year the University of Pennsylvania piloted a program called Cancer…

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Health systems continue to respond to Executive Order
Last year, President Trump called for greater price and quality transparency to allow consumers to make more informed healthcare decisions.

Executive Order: On a mission to improve price and quality transparency
Empower patients with information
2. Increase transparency…

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Migraines are a leading cause of disability across the United States and affect approximately 39 million Americans. Despite this clinical significance, research and development for migraine disease has lagged behind.

Until now.

The patient and provider push for novel migraine treatment has propelled multiple manufacturers…

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Healthcare Economic Information (HCEI) — an expanding, critical tool
Payers and organized customers are responsible for evaluating the cost impact on clinical outcomes. HCEI is the vessel that connects care to cost. Today, analyzing, interpreting, and predicting healthcare costs is inextricably linked to product value — and…

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